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Award Winning Skincare - The Beauty Shortlist 2023


Why we love the Beauty Shortlist Awards

The Beauty Shortlist Awards are the leading Natural Beauty Awards. The Beauty Shortlist Awards provide a completely transparent, ethical, hand-on-heart 100% “tried, loved, recommended” shopping guide and beauty edit that consumers know they can absolutely trust.

The awards are 100% independent and known for their transparency in showcasing natural ethical and sustainable brands, completely free from any kind of sponsorship, partnerships or advertising.

Each winning Sealore product has been tested by a panel of industry experts from around the globe. There is no canvassing for votes with these awards. Every product has been tried and tested and judged purely on its own merit. Final rankings are based on numerous factors including but not limited to efficacy and results, ethics, INCI/ingredients, packaging, texture, scent and safety.

Sealore Winning Products

SeaMist Hydrating Floral Toner - WINNER BEST FACE MIST

SeaMist: Winning product for best face mist. Product pictured bottle and box

Sea Mist is fast becoming a cult product. This winning formulation of organic floral waters, seaweed extract, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid  hydrates and moisturises the skin. Scents of neroli, clary sage and sandalwood invigorate and uplift the senses. This multi-use product can be applied as a mist, as a toner, as a facial essence to prep skin, or even to tame and hydrate frizzy flyaway hair. 

SeaSatin Luxury Balm with Tiare Flower - WINNER BEST AROMATHERAPY BALM

SeaSatin Luxury Balm with Tiare Flower - WINNER BEST AROMATHERAPY BALM. Product picture showing black jar with silver lid.

This luxurious balm is a delight for the senses. SeaSatin melts to a heavenly texture on contact with skin, this multi-purpose beauty product can be used to remove make-up, as an occlusive, as an overnight mask, or applied directly to any area that needs a little extra TLC. 

Calendula and Arnica oils are sure to soothe and heal broken or irritated skin. Seabuckthorn, Rosehip and Evening Primrose Oil are also found in this winning formulation. Essential oils of Frankincense, Neroli, and Geranium will help to ease feelings of stress, tension and anxiety while supporting the skin’s anti-aging processes.

SeaBD - Luxury Soothing Body Serum - WINNER BEST BODY SERUM. Product image of serum with box 

SeaBD - Luxury Soothing Body Serum - WINNER BEST BODY SERUM

Discover Sealore’s Alagaromatherapeutic™ experience with SeaBD, described as “a hug in a bottle”, this will become your ultimate wellness product, helping you to take a moment of self-care no matter how busy life is.
This potent body treatment instantly relaxes and soothes tired bodies and minds. Mineral-rich seaweed extracts and broad-spectrum CBD are combined with a host of antioxidant and nutrient-rich oils. Avocado, Jojoba, and even Squalane (to name but a few) are contained in this potent formulation that will deeply condition and soothe the skin while harmonising and calming the body, mind and spirit. 


SeaSilk Botanical Cleansing Oil - EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD. Product image of black bottle with box

SeaSilk Botanical Cleansing Oil - EDITOR’S CHOICE AWARD 

This potent formulation has been developed to match the skin's natural oils, meaning that your skin will be cleansed thoroughly without stripping or dehydrating. This cleansing oil is ideal for people of all skin types, even oily or acne-prone skin types as the intelligent ingredients contained within will signal to the skin to regulate and balance oil production. 
Each Sealore product has been designed to work on many levels. SeaSilk is no different, the quality of ingredients in this formulation ensures this product has many applications, from cleansing to moisturising skin to promote healthy shiny hair. 

SeaHydrate Beauty Boost Serum  - EDITORS CHOICE AWARD

SeaHydrate Beauty Boost Serum  - EDITORS CHOICE AWARD

Experience an instant beauty boost with this hyaluronic serum. Seaweed extracts are combined in Sealore’s unique ingredient Ascofucagenus Complex® to plump and smooth fine lines. Vitamin-rich aloe vera and skin-conditioning plant extracts help to calm sensitive reactive skin while imparting a youthful, healthy glow.

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