Sealore, Certified Organic

We use only premium grade natural ingredients

Nourish skin, Harmonise Mind, Body & Spirit.


We source the highest quality ingredients to complement our precious marine botanicals. For us, only the best will do. Every Sealore product is certified organic, which means that 95% of the total ingredients must be certified organic.

Every product is formulated using only natural, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. We do not add water, fillers or any synthetic perfumes, colours or additives. Every ingredient in a formulation has a purpose, each ingredient works synergistically, meaning they complement and enhance one another when combined with care, knowledge and instinct.

Our formulations are based on a blueprint, utilizing six categories of natural cosmeceuticals. These form the foundation of Sealore’s Algaromatheraputic Skincare Sanctuary.

Marine Botanicals

Secrets from the Sea

We have spent over a decade researching and developing our own unique Marine Botanical Ascofucagenus Complex®️, the ultimate marine extract only found in Sealore products.
Sealore’s Marine Botanicals bring an abundance of protein, minerals, vitamins, alginic, hyaluronic acid and other rich phytonutrients to every Sealore product. The proven anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits of seaweed combined with its collagen and elastin boosting, hydrating elements, promote cell turnover to balance and protect the skin’s natural microbiome.
Marine Botanicals represent a vital, core building block in Sealore’s Organic Skincare Sanctuary. You can discover the benefits of Marine Botanicals in each and every Sealore product.


Essential oils form an indispensable element in our formulations. Genuine, high-grade therapeutic Essential Oils are chosen and blended by our professional aromatherapist to target specific skin concerns and support the Algaromatherapeutic qualities of each product.

Essential Oils

Luxurious Carrier Oils

Organic botanical carrier oils

Superior certified organic botanical carrier oils have been selected for their ability to satisfy the skin’s requirement for essential fatty acids and natural vitamins. Their moisturising and emollient properties protect the skin, reduce moisture evaporation and help to prevent transdermal water loss (TDWL), thereby promoting the appearance of firmer plumper younger-looking skin.

Natural Healing

Herbal extracts have been traditionally used in skincare preparations for 1000’s of years and their effectiveness has been recorded over the centuries. When formulating, Sealore only chooses herbal preparations that have been evidenced for their efficacy to calm, soothe and promote natural healing. These carefully considered herbal extracts are harmoniously incorporated into our skincare formulas as part of a total holistic regime.

Herbal Extracts


organic floral aromatic hydrolats

We do not add Aqua. We used only certified organic floral aromatic hydrolats, derived from Bulgarian Rose petals and Lavender buds at the highest level of purity. Gentle in their profile, they soften and compliment the aromas of their twin essential oil resulting in a more holistic complete, subtle yet complex formula. Rich in phytonutrients and skin conditioning agents, Sealore uses these luxurious hydrating moisturising agents alongside Aloe Leaf juice to soothe, hydrate and moisturise.

Bioactive Ingredients

Bioactive Ingredients are scientifically proven to enhance the structure and function of the skin. At Sealore we like to keep things ‘Simply Natural’ by always using organic and natural alternatives. The glycolic acid enzyme present in our organic monofloral honey, an ingredient in our SeaGem Charcoal Exfoliating Mask alongside the pharmaceutical-grade activated charcoal are examples of this. We also use gentle natural alternatives to harsher retinol in the form of Rosehip and Bakuchiol oil and our own vitamin and mineral-rich alga which is considered an active ingredient capable of promoting blood circulation and cell turnover.

Active Ingredients